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Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Say no to the Nanny State

Someone needs to tell Ralph Nader to heed the words of sometime philosopher Marge Simpson.
She tried unsuccessfully to have chocolate banned from Springfield, and after the judge realized he had overstepped his authority, Marge said profoundly:
"I guess you just can't use the law to nag."
Now it is time for us to take back our rights.

Don't accept a lesser or a least of evils

I asked yesterday, "So are our choices only statist candidates, advocates of a fascist welfare state?"
I answered, correctly, "No."
You've seen the Bush-Ashcroft administration initiate a war, ponder bringing back the military draft, increase federal spending to obscene levels, and impose and try to impose federal restrictions on private and personal relationships and actions.
Let's be honest: Cutting taxes was one positive move by the George W. Bush administration, but it was almost negated by the increased spending, especially when so much of it is pork.
The other old party alternative is John Kerry. If he were (God forbid) president, we would see more of the same, except with higher taxes.
A Ralph Nader administration might be bearable because of a bipartisan gridlock (that is, the Republocrats would not cooperate, simply because of party politics). Still a (shudder) President Nader would try desperately to institute an omnipotent Nanny State.
All three of the above presidential candidates are advocates of a fascist welfare state, one that regulates and regiments and controls individual lives.
Individuals who prefer freedom, who believe they own their own lives and are not property, are not cogs in the giant machine of the giant state -- these are the types of people who originally built this New World, and they were the Founding Fathers of what started out as a free country.
(Oh, yes, I know there were anomalies, but basically and essentially these United States were free.)
So who can individualists and freedom seekers vote for?
One man: Michael Badnarik.
Michael Badnarik is the Libertarian Party candidate.
You can find more information about the Libertarian Party at
and I hope you will link there.
Also, every chance you get, contact your friendly neighborhood "news" medium and ask sweetly, "Say, why don't you ever mention the Libertarian Party?"
And please share any answer you get with me.
Also please remember: If you don't make some kind of effort, you never will regain those freedoms with which you were endowed by nature and which supposedly were protected by the Constitution.
Take back your rights.

Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Another election already?

It seems like only yesterday the United States was going through the turmoil surrounding the voting in Florida, and here it is already time to turn George W. Bush out of office.
Unfortunately, the so-called "news" media are telling us our only other choice is John Kerry, and perhaps Ralph Nader.
In fact, there are at least six national parties.
Perhaps seven if the Reform Party still counts, and it doesn't with me. (It imploded in 2000, with a strange attempt by John Hagelin, who was already and perennially the candidate of the Natural Law Party, to become its standard bearer. Hagelin used the bizarre charge that Pat Buchanan was attempting to "hijack" the RP, even though Buchanan had entered the primaries -- and won. At the moment, the RP seems to have only about seven state organizations. Even more strange, it offered its ballot status, limited as it is, to Ralph Nader.)
Nader gets some mileage from the "news" media -- after all, he is pretty much their creation, and ideologically he's their boy -- that he is an Independent candidate.
And something called the Committee for a United Independent Party and its wholly owned subsidiary, Choosing an Independent President, or ChIP, have taken to touting Nader.
Apparently they don't know, or don't care, that Nader has formed some kind of party with name Populist Party.
His reason is that many if not most states make it nearly impossible for an independent candidate to get on the ballot, and only slightly less so for a party candidate.
So are our choices only statist candidates, advocates of a fascist welfare state?
Please return often and we'll talk about a real choice.