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Monday, April 03, 2006

Now we learn if there really is a God

Here is the April 3, 2006, headline:

Arrest Warrant Sought for Rep. McKinney

Cynthia McKinney, D-of course-Ga., is, a flaming lunatic.
As a member of Congress, where she is a colleague to liars, thieves, morons, psychos, and others who are, to be blunt, Members of Congress, she still stands out.
She's even crazier than the rest of them.
Her latest bout of psychosis involved hitting a Capitol policeman.
His crime: He didn't recognize her and she wasn't wearing her identification badge, so he did his job, trying to prevent unauthorized entry to the Capitol.
Naturally, being the vicious, slimy, and mentally unstable racist she is, she accused the officer of being a racist.
The most sorrowful note, so far, is that that usually fine actor Danny Glover has publicly stood up for her, probably -- deservedly -- destroying his reputation ... no, of course he won't be harmed. (In Hollywood, it would be far more damaging to his career if he made a movie endorsing, say, Jesus Christ and Christianity.)
Harry Belafonte did, too, but he has been a hopeless case for many years now.
Other professional blacks have gone to her defense and some of her most racist constituents have ralled and demonstrated in her support.
Though recent history doesn't give us much expectation, still we can hope that, for once, justice will prevail and the very mis-representative Cynthia McKinney will spend at least some time in jail.


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