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Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Cartoon worth a thousand words

Scott Stantis is usually referred to as "a conservative," by those in the "news" media who know only the black and white, the "red and blue" of two-dimensional non-thinking.
His daily strip is named, for a reason I don't know but should probably find out, "Prickly City."
Apparently its popularity is growing, even though it should. That is, pardon my Menckian cynicism, it really is a quality strip and its popularity is a surprise considering the generally low quality of pop culture.
His strip for a while replaced, in the raggedy Chattanooga Times Free Press, the better drawn and far less subtle "Mallard Fillmore," but Mallard was brought back, after what seems to have been a lot of public demand.
"Prickly City," though, presents some ideas that don't get much attention otherwise in the so-called "news" media, and I harp and harp that everyone really, really ought to read the comics pages for entertainment, yes, but also for some of the most profound commentary and some of the most brilliantly creative writing in modern American literature.
Here is the "Prickly City" strip dated 4 January 2006. Enjoy. ... Oops, though it is a good link -- in fact, a very good link -- you will get the latest installment, not the one referenced. Go look. Enjoy.



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