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Friday, November 11, 2005

Veteran's Day, 2005

Today we are supposed to honor veterans, those people who have served in the military, in war and in peace.
I would very much like to honor veterans: Let's have no more of them.
It is very much past time to rethink entirely the whole concept of government, that supposed objective agency of force.
Unfortunately government has become the primary agency of initiatory force.
As I write, the United States government, the George W. Bush administration, is engaged in a war of aggression.
So far, more than 2,000 men and women in uniform have been killed -- just from the U.S. forces.
Untold thousands of others have also been killed.
The horrors and fears and scars, physical and emotional, will remain for years and decades to come.
What governments do best is kill -- best but not always efficiently.
In the first Gulf War, more than half of the U.S. casualties were caused by "friendly fire."
During the Bill Clinton administration, the federal government attacked the women and children in a religious compound, using a weapon banned from international warfare, and some four score women and children were killed.
Haven't we had enough of mass killing, of mass destruction?
It is time, it is way past time to rethink the whole concept of government.
Let's have no more veterans. Let's have no more wars.


  • At 3:03 PM, Blogger Aussiegirl said…

    Michael -- while I appreciate your sentiments, I find I cannot entirely agree even though I am less than happy with the war in Iraq. Surely you can see the necessity of WWII, unless you relish living under Nazi occupation (if indeed either of us would be allowed to live under such a regime). While we may not like government, to imagine that we could dispense with the beast is not realistic. Sometimes the only way to ensure your own peace and tranquility is to make war on your enemy who is determined to annihilate you however much we would like to talk things over with him. Chamberlain already tried that with Herr Hitler, and look where it got him. (I've posted the GPS thread if you choose to have a go at it -- TJ has already weighed in. Thanks as always for your comments on UT.

  • At 2:28 PM, Blogger Michael Morrison said…

    For some reason, whenever I question the very concept of government, and the inevitable wars that result, too many people see only my questioning the U.S. government.
    And they nearly always bring up the war against Hitler.
    Well, good people (which most of you are), Hitler was a government, and a very good argument that there should be no government.
    And dispensing with it is not very realistic?
    No, dear reader, and dear writer, dispensing with it is a goal at which we must aim very much because the current "reality" is so dreadful, so horror-filled.
    World War II was not necessary; in fact, even the United States participation in it was not necessary, as knows well anyone who has studied all the history and background of that blood-bathed conflict.
    The Roosevelt administration wanted the United States to participate because, among other reasons, it could find no other way to end the depression, which its policies had prolonged and even worsened.
    Well, time and space are too limited to go into much detail here.
    One last point: Saddam Hussein is and was no Hitler, not even a threat to the United States, and certainly not connected to the September 11 attacks.
    Bush himself and even most of his followers, except the most knee-jerk and unthinking types, have admitted the errors that led them to take us into an aggressive invasion, one that has, as I said, cost many thousands of lives.
    Power does indeed tend to corrupt and absolute power does indeed corrupt absolutely.
    And that corrupted power will, apparently inevitably, lead the perhaps foolish but perhaps otherwise innocent citizenry into wars.

  • At 6:03 AM, Blogger max said…

    It is the strange psychology of the Liberal anti-war person that they don't really care about anybody else nor care about other people under the jackboot in other countries. You see only a few deaths but you don't see the other side of the coin where the deaths are in the millions. Oh but excuse me, those are not Americans eating their Freedoom fries and sipping their lattes so they don't really count do they? If you had to live under Saddam or in Modern China or In North Korea or in Iran you would know that they are all the same as Hitler and you like 90 percent of the populations in those coutries wold be willing to die to be free if you saw the opportunity.

    I had three uncles but one did not live past 21 years as he died in 1941. I have his picture in his uniform in a bombed out London one month before he died in an airplane over Germany.
    We have remembrance day to honour their sacrifice that we are free ,even the ungrateful ones are included.
    We don't have Vetern's day to dump excrement on those we owe so much, as the Iraqi people will one day count 2003 as the begiing of their freedom even though they pay a terrible pric because suicide bobmers kill them to appeal to American Liberals such as yourself and try to destroy the West from within.
    So you are part of it, as we all are and chosen the wrong side.
    Ps it's also one last country to drop scuds on Israel, we are all one world right? Wrong! Liberals don't believe them they only think of themselves.

  • At 4:02 PM, Blogger Michael Morrison said…

    Max, sorry but I can't figure out what you are trying to say.
    Would you try again?
    And please click "preview" before posting so your thoughts are made as clear to us readers as you believed they were to you.
    In fact, please read what I said, too, so you attack correctly instead of just making a knee-jerk response that makes no sense.
    Thank you.

  • At 1:58 AM, Blogger max said…

    Well if you can't understand plain english, perhaps you are better checking yourself into a mental institution.
    Don't knock knee jerks , they are useful reflexes in keeping humans alive. People like you with flattened emotions need to earn their value.

  • At 9:03 AM, Blogger Michael Morrison said…

    Problem is, Max, it wasn't "plain english" but "garbled English," and please notice how even your typing is garbled.
    As to my "flattened emotions," Max, perhaps you really ought to learn what you are trying to talk about.
    You, though, are overly emotional, but apparently not very rational -- or much of a communicator.
    Feel free, however, to try, try again.


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