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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Why it passed

According to the local "news" paper, including quotes from people in the street and letters to the editors, supporters of the just-passed health-care nationalization fall into two categories: Elitists who intend to run the lives of all of us, and drones and parasites who intend to let them, and who intend to sponge off the working and productive people.
One street person, described as a "senior" and, worse, a UTC (University of Tennessee, Chattanooga) professor, states flatly she's glad it passed because she's a senior and has a cancer-stricken daughter.
One letter writer whined he had to make a choice between paying his mortgage or his insurance premium payments.
Sure, that's a tough choice. And the alleged professor is in a tough spot.
But -- and here is an important aphorism -- a need is not a right.
And it certainly is not a right to someone else's money or property ... or life.


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