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Monday, May 09, 2005

Big L

Last week, Harry Reid ...
You say "Who is Harry Reid?"
Oh, he is a United States Senator ("senator": mythical creature, half human, half horse) from the state so ill-favored by other senators it has been chosen to be a nuclear waste dump, a state that has gambling dens operating 24 hours a day, a state that has legalized prostitution -- he sort of represents that state.
Anyway, last week Harry Reid, speaking to a high school class, referred to George W. Bush as a "loser."
Maybe Mr. Reid has a different dictionary from any the rest of us use.
Loser? Dubya has a rich daddy, a pretty wife, and a big ranch; he was twice elected governor of a very large state ... and he defeated the presidential candidate supported by Harry Reid -- TWICE.
Is he a lousy president? Yes. At least as lousy a president as Harry Reid is a senator.
Is he a loser? Not as much as we are for having him as president ... and Harry Reid as a senator.


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